Monday, August 18, 2008

My Idols

essay : I've been reading this book entitled "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews. With just barely finished reading half of it I already learned so much. This book is about how to understand yourself, being able to laugh at yourself and just living your life the easiest way you can. Reading this book made me realize how lucky I am. It's like a psychology book that boosts your confidence.

And there also this local author named Bob Ong. I'm sure lots of people have also known him though not personally I think because he keeps his profile discreetly. I've read all his books, all of these were about humors, with sense in it. This author talks about something you think is rather amusing, snap out of it and take time to internalize instead. You might actually learn rather well. I'm a very big fan of reading but I enjoy the occasional turning of the pages, but this book I would love to read over and over again...

Then there's my best of friends. I'm not just a friend but I am also their very big fan. I'm very proud of these guys, we have different personalities but we manage to get along with each other and have this mighty bond between us. We came from different status and lifestyle and the only thing that is common with us is our religion that we value so much. Maybe that is the best foundation that we have.

And I cannot forget my father, for me he is the best. If I'll be given to have a second life I would still choose him to be my father again and again. My father for me is always the strangest, craziest person I've ever met. Plus the role of being a father to us I am definitely his number one fan.

And on top of all the biggest influence in my life is Jesus Christ. Whenever I feel like giving up already I always just think of Him and all the sacrifices He made to save us all from the punishment of God.

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