Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Never Leave Manila Until You Get Into This Place

Manila never lose its magic for the past years; no wonder people from different ages still find it the
best place to unwind - and yes inspite of all the noises.Just like me, I need some screams and chillin' after
a long day. Here are the top five places in the city of Manila that maybe you would like to try hoppin':

Ermita: With all the parties and people enveloping the night, surely it would be a justifying to call it
"the city that never sleeps."

Manila Ocean Park: More than just a typical place for fishes, it's a laboratory for endangered ocean
creatures, kids should be given a chance to visit this.

Mall of Asia: Aside from its enormous structure, the mere fact that it's built beside from the bay is already
breath- taking. I wonder why they just called it the Mall Of Asia,because it exhibits almost all the cultures
of different countries from the world.

Manila Bay: OKay, its really not that immaculately clean, but the walk from there wouls give you a chillin'
mood, and a peep from all those PDA'S there cuddling and..and ... now that's chillin'.

Quiapo Church: If after visiting all those places and you still find your self asking the meaning of your existence
in Manila, maybe you can get a piece of answer here..

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