Saturday, August 16, 2008

Power 5 attitude who influence me!

I'll start with a very common one - I'm an early riser i.e. I'm out of bed at 6am. Now, there are many people out there who are earlier risers than this but at this stage in my life, this gives me all the time I need to do some work in the morning. Why is this so important? I am very productive in the morning, more so than any other time of the day. If I miss out on this time for work, I won't get it back the rest of the day. As I type this, I have had my breakfast and it's around 6.30am. I feel energised and enthused about writing this article. If, however, I left it until this evening I might consider it a bit of a chore. I can't let writing become a chore!

I smile a lot! It's infectious don't you know? Yes, just having a positive outlook on life and putting a positive spin on every circumstance will revolutionise your life. Apart from the personal benefits, it makes other people smile too. People will like being around you, they will gravitate towards you. Why? Because everyone wants to be happy and we all move towards what we want - happy people are magnets. I recently had people at work ask me did I bounce out of bed with a smile on my face, I said, 'yes, I do'. I guess this is the impression I create with all the smiling I do - great!

I read, read, read! Whether that be other people's blogs or a book I am constanly reading because I don't want to ever stop learning. I place such an importance on expanding my knowledge and skills because one of my greatest needs is to grow. The first ever personal development book I read was 'How To Win Friends and Influence People', the second was 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' - " see here for the story. Since then (2001) I have never looked back and I never will. I will always strive to better myself.

I see life as a game. Life to me is a game, but not in the sense that I must win over other people, it's not about winning and losing but about enjoying. If I'm in this game, I'm in it to enjoy it. If it stops becoming enjoyable I must look inside and change something. The game has rules or Laws. If you learn the rules and act in accordance with them, you will have a life of happiness and peace. Some of these laws are (I hope to expand on these in later articles)

Cause and Effect
I see myself in every person. It's hard to judge when you look at others and see yourself. This is becoming more real to me everyday. I state this as a success habit as I feel peaceful and happy to let others be as they are, even if their opinions conflict with mine and, to me, this is successful living! The logic behind this goes something like this; if there is a person doing or saying something that conflicts with my own opinions or beliefs I remind myself that if I was born when they were born, with their parents, where they were born and had all the exact same life circumstances then I would think the same way and act the same. Why is this true? Because I would be them. I wouldn't have my present type of thoughts and attitudes and do things differently, I would have theirs - completely theirs. I will go into this in greater depth in a future article but it really makes judgement impossible, and a life free of the strain of constant judgement is a successful one!

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