Saturday, August 30, 2008

To My Fellow Youth

essay : In my point of view, Rizal's affirmation that the Youth is the hope of our country is a term inappropriate to describe the present generation of the youth. Maybe it's true during his time, but not now, in our present status. Hope is like a term that pertains to a future that is just yet to come. Hoping is like contemplating what could come to pass. Furthermore, hope is an emotional state that is a belief for better results even when there is some evidence of hindrances. If the youth will dwell on Rizal's speech that the youth is the "hope" for an ailing country, then nothing is the worst thing that can happen in our generation right now, for the term "hope" will remain just a state or vision: a character that is yet in the making. I'm not disrespecting Rizal's speech, perhaps the real intention of his poem "To the Filipino Youth" is to inspire us to take action and rise to bring innovation for the better. If we will just accept Rizal's statement as it is, without taking action, it will just remain a dream.

To hear those words sounds appealing and we must take pride, but the real meaning is lost. It was accepted and taken without a doubt but the real essence is taken for granted.

We, the new generation of youth, must realize that this is the time to act now. We must continue Rizal's battle, for his time is still not that far from our status. The moral of Rizal's poem is to find its way to the heart and minds of the youth to urge us to participate and take part to produce a better country far from his time.

Regardless of what happened in the past and what might happen tomorrow, here and now is where we are and we must focus our minds on the present time.

We have to rephrase our belief that we are not only the "hope" in the future, but we are, today's youth, the new generation they can rely on today's time.

We, must live in the present moment, we must participate of what is happening around us especially in our government system. We must be the first one to initiate change since it's our future that is at stake if we don't act now. We should not wait until we're old enough to prove that what Rizal has been saying about us is true. Though we're still young and we lack experience, our young minds, energy, and outlook is our edge to start the innovation. We must increase our awareness and consciousness now to make the present moment much better than the past. The key is to act now, to get involved, participate and just do something even in our little ways to improve the status of our country.

We have to do something in our time. We always have a choice whether to ignore or live and absorb the present moment and allow ourselves to get involve, touched and be affected of the situations around us.

The effort of today's youth will reflect our future. The effort we will exert today will create a difference. We don't have to wait for the future to be the "hope" but today is important. Whoever we are, and where we are it is the place to start. Our actions will sure produce results, th

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