Monday, August 4, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

As a Filipino citizen in the country Philippines, the first and foremost concern I'm in for today is to be a productive citizen. I am a newly graduate nursing student and still seeking for a job that will give me satisfaction. The other concern for me as a Filipino is just a second list to my priority as a person for now since I'm still at the transition of a student going to the world of the workforce. Other concern that I have as a Filipino would include my concern to the environment and to the people of this country. Environmental changes today gives me the concern as a person of this country to be much aware of the situation. By just going outside, the view gives me the concept that I as a single Filipino must do my part to conserve the environment. My last concern will be for the Filipinos. I with the same nationality and believes as them must not only think of myself but must also think of others.

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