Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why I am Me

Anime/cartoons had made me too romantic, idealistic, and sad to say ignorant of the real world, or so I'm often told; I beg to disagree though.
Books had too much to offer me and I munched on hungrily, eating up as much as I can but never consuming enough to satisfy me. My love for writing was born out of my love for reading.
All the misunderstood people who didn't quite make it in their own time but are currently being revered in ours made me feel like it is okay to be misunderstood now because sooner or later people will eventually see your point.
Then there's religion. I'll probably die thinking hard about evolving from apes had there been no religion to offer another explanation.
My parents taught me on how to be a decent person, and they have made the biggest and most important influence in me.

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