Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fit for Life

Good state of health is the biggest investment of every individual. There is truth is every letter of the idiom, "Health is Wealth." One will enjoy the world and can do more when one knows how to take good care of oneself. More years means more memories.

Want to get your crush notice you? Have you ever seen yourself walking a mile without getting much exhausted? Want to buy that new BMW X200 instead of spending for hospitalization? Well, you better consider shifting on a vegefruit diet and a more active lifestyle. I already did and it really improved me a lot.

Being healthy and maintaining to be fit is one of the lifetime goals. It is never easy but with discipline and determination, it is possible to have that glowing body with flabs and fats, but how?

What I do first is to have a planner. The planner has my workout schedules. I workout at least twice a week either in school or at home. That includes stretching, sit-ups, jogging and playing with the jumping rope.
The next thing I do is to have a reminder on what food should I eat. It says there that I should take at least 8 glasses of water a day plus four other liquids such as tea and milk.

I also require myself to eat meat only thrice a week and the rest would be for my vegetable days. I often take vegemeat or tofu in replacement of red meat. If given choices in the cafeteria or restaurant I would rather take fish or vegetable filled viand.

The last and I think one of the most important is that I avoid foods and vices. I avoid eating chocolates and other sweets. And most of all I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke.

It just takes time and constant effort to be fit and healthy. It would be a good thing if you can tell another person that you wanted to be fit and healthy so they can act as your monitor. If there is someone to look on you, you would be more conscious on how you look.

Look good and feel good.

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