Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Places To Have With.

First, Malate, for me this place is a great place to have friends or gather friends. Good conversations with others and of course drinking, dancing with the loudest ever beat music. Then the Manila Bay, for others is a weird place but for the rest this place is a very free-stressed environment. Winds, blast of water from the bay and the sunshine. The other place that I loved the most here in Manila is the "L.R.T. Station". In Light Rail Transit you either can be seated or just standing, it is fun when you get on and off the train you need to get in or out faster as you could. However, the fun of this transportation you can travel safer, accommodating and their super cheap fare. The next is "Manila Ocean Park". It is very fun here even though it's expensive but it's worth it. So if you are an animal and environmental lover as well, this place is for you. Last place, of course my favorite, "Mall of Asia ". The stores, foods, wide spaced ice skating rink and the scenery outside this mall the ocean. This is my top five places here in Manila.

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