Friday, September 26, 2008

My Love Story??!

Like most of us that have felt "something" for someone, I started to feel this strangefeelingwhen I was in college.
"He" was actually a basketball playe. I don't know why I felt something for him 'cause he's really not my type, and besides I don't like basketballplayers. I don't have any personalissues about them, I just don't find them special like others do. But as the saying goes "The more you hate, the more you love".
The sad part is we have'nt really met yet. You might call me crazy for writing this as my love story, but I really feel he's the right one for me.
Let's just say that our love story had been delayed for a while, 'cause I believe that GOD is still busy writing the next Chapters of it. And I'm willing to wait until the right time comes when I can tell and share this love story to everyone. A "Love Story" authored by "GOD".

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