Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The painting of life

A painting is composed of various colors, strokes and styles. It may appear mysterious with it's abstract linings or it could show apparent meaning to what it may reveal yet from it's simplest to most complex way, every aspect in a painting depicts the heart of a painter. Whatever color or stroke or style, there should always be things that molded the painter's heart and influenced him to come up with such painting.

You see, just like a painting, life has it's colors and styles and it can be flexed in any way depending on how it is influenced.

If I were to look at the picture of my life and think of the person who contributed much to it, that would be my mother. Next would be my father then followed by my brothers. These are the people who know me very well. It is from them I get to hear advices. Thus, my long hours of conversation have been spent with them. The fourth one would be my friends. I have witnessed the consequences they have to face from their actions and the careful decisions I make are based on what I have learned from their experiences. Lastly, I count my spiritual group as a factor in molding my character.

Life has it's own way of shaping us. For many, it is viewed as a game but for me, I call it an Art. How we make of our life is a result of the influences we encounter but these influences can affect us only if we allow it to.

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