Friday, September 26, 2008

Top 5 Influencesin my life..!

essay : TOP 5: Television is one of the top five influences in my life because I really 'am to watching televisions. I love watching t.v. 'cause It brings hapiness and relaxation... but some people call it "The Idiot Board"

TOP 4: Books. Specially Fairytale Books, maybe I'm too old for that but that's where I learned the "Moral lessons" of the Story.

TOP 3: Parents: Because they are the one who raised me and they also became my first teachers.

TOP 2: Myself: Because I don't want to live in what others think and say about on how would you live your own life.

TOP 1: God: Because he's the "Almighthy One" the creator of the world and our "Savior."

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