Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 Fashion Must Haves

essay : On number five, we have trendy wayfarers and shutter shades. The plain black ones are out and bold colors are in. They don't only provide eye protection from the sun but they simply allow you to shine with confidence in every crowd.
Next fashion-must-have is the floral printed dress. Small prints are so five minutes ago, larger patterns are perfect for this season. Different cuts are available to suite different body types. Length may also differ with age and occasion.
Third on the list is the cinched waist. After a couple of seasons of voluminous fever, designers are finally cutting out the poof and bringing back the cinched waist. Trim is in, so lose that shapeless tunic and show off your killer bod with high-waist pencil skirts and high-waist trousers. Bring out all the poise and power, get rid of hipsters, start doing the sit-ups and crunches.
On the number two spot is the multicolored handbags. Accessories are all about creativity, whimsy and big, bold, look-at-me colors. Thus, the most fashionable women now are not afraid to mix and match. The print and plain tandem is history. It is a smart move to mix prints and other prints. Different electric hues are raging these past few months.
Last but not the least, the gladiator sandals. To have it now, is a make or break in this industry. from what I've read in a magazine, it was out last summer and now back for revenge. A designer took them to new heights with his wacky knee-high gladiator boots, which, by the way, should never be attempted in real life. Stick to classic gladiators, or if you crave a little kick, look for metallic straps, jewels or braiding.

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