Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Glorifying Youth"

essay : "Youth is to be the future of our country". English way or to our own language, we knew this because of Dr. Rizal - national hero. Every body processed to be a lovely baby until who are we now. Every person experienced to being into youth and no exemptions.

Educations - from pre school to graduating students from different schools/universities with different courses. Some are so lucky because they have souvenir, the honors or awards.

Business - may Filipinos now a days becoming the owner of one firm, promoted as manager because they have the so called guts, the skill that one company looking for.

Politics - first senates to today's senates, the 13 former presidents and the president today. They prove something, they work hard and they fulfill what they want.

To be precise each every one of us has the capability to be the future of our country.

As one of the youth of this modern generation, I am one who believed to what Dr. Jose Rizal says, and I believed we can do it by our own way. Here is my way to prove it.

I came from poor family from a far province – Cordillera Administrative Region. I did not experience to sit into pre-school chair and write into its table because we don't have enough money for this. My first school was in Magsasaysay Elementary School; see you don't know that school right? Grade 1 until I finished my school year, I received some awards with a total of 25 to be exact. In or province just the same, Tabuk National High School is my high school alumni. First year to fourth year I volunteered as a janitor/helper sometimes encoder of lesson plans of some teachers to enjoy the 50% discount miscellaneous fee, then I graduated. I came here in Manila to pursue my study; I found International Electronics and Technical Institute chosen the Information Technology course. Studying in college is too expensive we all know that. To support my financial (uniforms, tuition fees, books, pocket money…etc.), I worked as a service crew in one of the well known fast food until I finished my respective course. Last 2007, I'm done studying at last with a third honor award. I know there are lots of students out their like me or more than like me, kudos everyone!

I found that, I don't need to be a manager, to be a president either. Our national Hero says we are the future of our country and yes we are. Find our own future is the essential of being youth. Do things in a right way to have your future. Motivate your self and someday rewards will come as mine.

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