Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking Great and Feeling even Better

Many health experts would say that you are what you eat. I am no health expert but I believe in this statement. I make sure to watch the kind of food I put on my plate. I try to control my love for sweets and junk food. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I take vitamins and drink milk at least once a day. Hydration is also a vital part of my intake, I drink a lot of water.
To stay in good shape, I exercise at least twice or thrice a week. Also, I dance for thirty to forty-five minutes three to four times a week. With so many activities each day, I try to sleep for eight or more hours a day. If I'm free I take short naps in the afternoon. I also maintain good hygiene. It is essential to have a clean body and a clean environment too.
I also believe that a person's health is affected by their views on life. I have developed an optimistic attitude. I also take time to express myself in different forms of art to relieve stress. I don't like storing negative feelings. If art can't help me release these unwanted energy, I luckily have a wonderful "support system." I have my mom and my friends to confide to.
During my spare time, I watch a lot of television and read a lot of books. Somehow I feel that there is so much for me to learn and discover. The things that I lack and don't understand keep me curious. It's a good feeling, quite motivating.
I am grounded by values taught and learned principles. Most of all, I am strengthened by faith. All these make me healthy and fit. I look great and feel even better.

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