Thursday, October 23, 2008

Youth as the future of our Country!!!

essay : I believe that our National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal extolled the "Youth" to be the future of our country because he sees Youth as the beginning of our country's success.
As one of today's youth I Believe that I can prove what Rizal had predicted for the Youth by being a model citizen of this country. For now all I can do is to find not only a good job but a good profession as well that can help our country to prosper in the best way that I can.
I also want to emphasize that in order for the Youth to do good for our country,they have to be protected and to be take cared of. It's not merely the parents obligation to do so but also of our government. Quality education must be provided for them. Trainings,seminars and other opportunities will help them practice and enhance their skills and knowledge. Let's look at the Youth as our country's investment for success like what Dr. Jose P. Rizal's vision for them.

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