Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1. How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
I have been very conscious on my diet by not craving more on sweets and salty foods. It has been my habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Because I am an athletic type of person wherein I do jogging every morning, playing volleyball and working out almost 3 times a week I really need to maintain a proper diet. I am not just keeping myself physically healthy but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have even enrolled into a yoga class for a while. And now, I am sustaining to have an open communication with my family, relatives, friends and officemates. I have never been so light-hearted ever since the day I joined a spiritual session together with my friends. It is really an eye-opener for me because I have been attached to many things now. Like having to be responsible as an independent person and helping out to my family in terms of financial and emotional as well. Practically saying, I have realized that being more committed to what you do and to whom your doing that for makes you more fit and healthy in and out.

2.Top 5 influences in your life. Explain why?

My family, friends, career, boss and independence-these are the 5 influences that really makes me feel good and happy at this point in my life. Basically, my family especially my parents honed me to what I am now. I have been very thankful for them for bringing me up and giving me all the encouragement I need. They never fail to be there when I needed them. During my loneliest and toughest times growing up, they need not speak a word by mere presence makes me feel comforted. To top it all, I have been blessed by how my family stand by each other through happy and rough times. Next one that influenced me most would be my friends especially my highschool peers, who have been a witness to every immature-like attitudes and the growing up stage of being a teen. It paved way to a lot of opportunities for me as a girl to being a lady. Never had a doubt that I have been a rebellious student then, but due to nice and righteous group of friends I have overcome such difficulty in me. I have to give it to them(my most treasured friends). My boss and my career have to be included on this list since these two mentioned were such great inspiration to me. I have been so lucky to be in circles of great people and company. It has been almost three years now, working as a secretary for a big boss in a bank which gave me a lot of learning experiences. Though, my job may not be that complicated and it seemed so simple yet, I have been so appreciative on what I am doing. Because, my boss and my career were very kind and rewarding. Not to mention the compensatory incentives. Lastly, independence keeps me going onward and forward. I have never been so loving and giving to this point just when I have received my independence. This is the moment I have been waiting for to bring back the life and happiness which all the four listed influences have given me. Freedom to do what I know is right and glorious to God and my family. I know now how to define the truth from the lies. Freedom to love and enjoy what you have.

3. What is your love story?

I am a dreamer of love and life. I have been single for two long years now. I had my first boyfriend when I was 21 years old and that only lasted for few months. I considered him as my first heartache since he was a dear friend to me before we jumped in to be a couple. I have known him for years but I didn't suspect him to be gay. We were in the same group of friends with really gay friends. But I never thought he could turned out to be with the same green colors. That was really disappointing because I have loved him and I know he felt the same way towards me, well, maybe in a different like. The very sad part is, I found out that he also had a relationship with a homosexual who is our friend and my closest friend that is. But, that was when we are on our rocky situation of our relationship. It is all confusing what might be his inention in sticking up to me. Maybe to confirm things?Well, that's really a terrible situation I had been to. Until now, I can't figure out what went wrong or maybe is everything wrong with me? But, after those years of heartache I am okay now and we all still are friends. We see each other once in a while and he has his long time boyfriend now and I am still single and happy. Well, I am still waiting for the right man to come who are dressed in a knight and shining armor.

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