Sunday, November 9, 2008

1. The top five influences of my life are my previous work, my high school classmates, parents, my college friends and above all God. In my previous work I experienced how to be a real employee of a company. Being an employee is one huge responsibility, I used to be stubborn and immature when it comes to my working attitude. But experiencing how difficult a work could be made me more patient, responsible and on-time. I owe it all to my previous company for helping me become who I am today. The second influence in my life is my high school friends. I'm blessed because after many years I still have my true friends with me. I know for a fact of how difficult we've all been through that is why I become more understanding to any circumstances that we've face. My parents is the reason of what I am today, they're the reason of what I have become. They have one of the unique ways of parenting and that is to do anything what you want even without their consent. Yes it's a weird way of parenting but it made me a trust-worthy person. That is the reason why I'm able to decide for myself of what is wrong or right. My college friends are the reason I've become more understanding of different attitudes of people. I've become more mature when it comes with dealing with other people and treat them with the right respect they deserve because as the saying goes "you cannot judge a book by its cover." I am blessed because the four influences that I've mention all introduced me to our God. Without God we are nothing, we are lost without Him. He save us from our sins and make us the person who are worthy of life that He gave.

2. When we say fashion what comes out of my mind are these perfect models that walk in ramp. But I guess every one of us have these unique taste when it comes to fashion. My top five fashion must haves would be jeans, shirts, shoes, accessories and the right attitudes. Having jeans is so important for me because I often go to different places. I prefer to have comfortable jeans and if it looks good, it's a plus to me. Shirts is also important to me, I like those that you can wear without paying too much attention with it because it can make you uncomfortable. Having the right pair of shoes is one top priority to me. Rubber shoes should be wear when just hanging out and black leather shoes for important occasions like in business and weddings. Accessories for wrist and neck or other parts of the body sometimes can tell what you really are so I prefer minimal accessory for simplicity. And at last the right attitude, we can have all our top must haves when it comes to fashion but if we cannot carry the fashion we are trying to pursue it will be useless.

3. The top five places to have fun in Manila for me are based from what I've experienced. The first one would be Rizal Park, that place is very reminiscent to me because when we graduated way back in high school we went there to bond for the last time. And also if your short of budget that is the best place to be! You can relax in the grasses or just walk to its clean and peaceful surroundings. The second place for me is at East Manila, I've live there for two months and if you have some free time you can tour its nearest malls like SM City Manila, SM City San Lazaro and SM Fairview. If you want to watch the latest movies, wine and dine or just to have fun to malls that are near with each other try East Manila. The third place I recommend is Manila Bay, this place is perfect when the sun is coming down because of its scenic sunset. And at night it changes, from its romantic and peaceful sunset to its colorful and lively evening! The place is crowded with street performers singing different genres of music. Here you can stay in different bars and dine in to their delicious gourmet while listening to their talented artists. The fourth would be the SM Mall of Asia located at Pasay City, Metro Manila. If your looking for the largest mall in the Philippines that is the place to be. Name everything and the mall can give you what you want. From movies, foods, gadgets, gaming, shoes and entertainment, name it they have it. The last place I recommend is Manila Zoo, I admit I'm an avid fan of animals. So if you're looking for amazing, cute and never before seen animals try the Manila Zoo. Your kids will love them too.

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