Sunday, November 9, 2008

1. As we all know, USA is the powerful country in the world today since the downfall of USSR. United States of America is the role model of all countries especially those countries who embraced the democratic form of government which USA is always wanted to be practiced by many countries. The success of Obama in winning the election as the President if the United States of America had shown that the long battle against racial discrimination almost went to an end. Many people in different countries especially in the Middle East are very happy in the result of the election because they believe that Obama will become a good leader and as a person who came from a great discrimination and sufferings, he will decide and make policies for the good of all people.

2. Food shortage, poverty, health problem and terrorism are few words which makes all the people fear and scared. But most scary nowadays is the financial crisis facing by the first world countries. Unfortunately this crisis affects the third world counties like the Philippines. Because of the financial crisis exportation the Philippines fell and many businesses engage in exportation lessen their production and much worse some of them stop their operation. One of the big buyers of Philippine export is USA and because of their financial problem they lessen their demand. One example of this is furniture according to some furniture maker they lessen their production because some of their buyer started to stop ordering. Another example is the exportation of Iron a metals, before the financial crisis the buying of iron in Metro Manila is 15 to 20 Pesos but now it ranges from 3 to 6 Pesos and because of this many scrap buyer closed their shops.

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