Monday, November 10, 2008

Angelina Jolie is a role model celebrity of our time. Agree or Disagree.Why?

essay : Angelina Jolie is a role model celebrity of our time, considering the fact of her upturns and downturns in her life and career. There has been a multitudes of intrigues and life wrecking situations she had been through. From her younger years back, she had been considered a manifestation of a rebellious character within the circles of her personal life and shadows of the spotlight. Her name was in the papers for so many reasons; drugs, men, movies and different types of freaking image. Still then, she exudes a great value of influence to a lot of people, may it be good or bad. Considering the fact that she is a star ; she portrays an antiquity of character. There is a great deal in her that made her an icon and that she still remains in the limelight at this time. What makes her so admirable despite her rebellious years is that she made past all of those not so good experiences and mold her into a saintly character by doing humanitarian causes in Africa. She now is a multitude of goodness by being a good mother to her biological and adopted children. Isn't an image of good Christian and a mother to the less fortunate by epitomizing a good heart as an Ambassadress to the UNICEF? These are facts of her life changing self and a transformation of willfully good heart by making a great deal and reel deal of her being an image on the screen. She may have a dirty nasty past but through it all she tried to redeem herself by putting up a very good cause not only for some people but all through out the world that may have passed the norms of her celebrity life. Clearly stating that, Ms. Jolie is really a model of beauty which is skin deep.

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