Sunday, November 9, 2008

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

I keep myself fit and healthy by maintaining a proper diet. And I see to it that I have enough sleep--about 5-7 hours.
I also exercise at least an hour a day. However, if my schedule seems to be too tight to include such, I just do it on weekends.

Top 5 influences in your life. Explain why?

1. Religion
2. The University where I graduated
3. The books that I read--both fiction and non-fiction
4. My students
5. Family

These are the top influences in my life. They influence me by how I think and carry on with my work and other daily activities. My religion shapes my conduct and makes me reflect with the non-tangible things in life. The university where I graduated, in a way, affects the way I think now. The books I read also make me think differently. In fact, whenever, I read fiction, I always reflect one of the characters--quite weird to me, though.
My students, well, they are always the source of both my happiness and sadness. They can motivate me as well as discourage me. They make me think of my characteristics in a different angle, too. Finally, my family. Perhaps, not directly, but they are one of the reasons why I continue striving for the best.

What is your love story?

It's when I close my eyes and think about him everyday. It's when I stop from work and stare at him. It's before I turn the lights off and go to sleep that my love story happens. It's when I talk to HIM--that's my love story.

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