Monday, November 3, 2008

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
- Staying fit and healthy don't just concern with one's physical, but also on other aspect of one's life - the social, mental, spiritual and emotional. Having these aspects of our life in balance, I think would make us fit and healthy. Also, having a positive attitude on every life's happenings. Having things in moderation- in everthing that we do, in everything we are taking in, in every activities that we are engaging in- is also how I am keeping mself fit and healthy.

Top 5 influences in your life. Explain why?

- As what Freud had said, " A child is a father to a man." Ever individual has a difference on the other, even if individuals do share the same culture and orientation. My family has a great influence on how and who I am right now. They are the one whom I was first taught things about life and about the community I am in. My family are the one who first directs me on how will I run my life. The share their beliefs with me, their activities, their teachings and their orientation. Second influence in me in my religion. My faith in God, and on what my religion teach of what is right and wrong, of what is good and bad has a great influence on what activities I am engaging with and on the decisions I am doing in m life. Third, my education. It is where I learned most of what I know right now. The orientation of myschool, giving us freedom to do what we want, respecting others, and on how to applythe knowledge that I gain has a great influence on thw wa I think and on the way I am handling m relationship with people. I have been a Yoth for Christ member for already 8 years, and I can sa that YFC teaching has also a great impact on how I am directing m self right now. Aside that it has been a venue for me to grow spiritually, YFC also exposes me to different people in all walks in life. Lastly, my friends. My friends are the one, aside from m family, whom I am sharing my life with and also, their lives with me. As I am with them, consciously and unconsciously, I am being influenced by them.

What is your love story?

Since the day I was formed inside my mother's womb, that is the first time m love story had begun. I was loved b my father, mother and siblings since then and fought for me to live and experience how to live in this world. I am showered with more that love by my family. Also, I have some friends whom I loved so much and who loves me to, both gus and girls. That is why, romantic love is not my piece 'til I reached m second year in college. I met this man, my bestfriend's friend and I felt romantic love. We committed with each other but the relationship didn't last that long but we maintained the friendship. After that, there is no one I let myself to fall in love with.

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