Sunday, November 2, 2008

* My Love Story goes like this:

I first met my girl on the internet, and my bustling emotions to her made me to write the following note which became the beginning of our affiar.

Hi there!

Just thought I'd write you a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you on the web. I can't recall when I had a more pleasant time. Everything felt so natural, and you were very easy to talk to. It's hard for me to identify what it is about you that attract me so much. I suppose it might be the combination of your great sense of intelligence, humour, charming personality and good-looks. Whatever it is, I can sense its presence. You could call it chemistry, or better yet, the possibility that we are on the same wavelength.

Hey, I really hope that our first encounter was not our last because I felt very special when I was with you. I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow.

I am sitting here in my office and writing this letter hoping you will get to read it in case you are going online; but if not then I know that this letter will reach you sooner or later.

I am listening to some loves songs that I have burned into the CD. Although I don't understand the words because the songs are in Chinese, but I know that it is about love and that I like it a lot.

Just like the things happening here inside me, I really don't understand how it works but all I know is that the feelings I have for you is just like the Chinese songs I am listening to now. It really sounds so nice to me but I don't know what it means. I know that my life is much happier when you're around and that my life is filled with songs.

Well, I guess I've said enough for the time being. I hope you have a wonderful day and, hopefully, I'll see you again real soon. If you get a chance, write me and tell me your thoughts.

Until I hear from you, take care of yourself.

* I ket myself fit and healthy by having a right sleeping hours. Everyone of us need a good night's sleep. People around you may also be affected by your lack of sleep May your mood is not good, your concentration and communication skills are poor and could not exist your patience. Each person requires plenty of sleep each night, but we all know, when we missed the right amount. Keep a record of sleep and model at the end of a week, you will find, if you do not run your best. This may be a sign that you slept well. We have every time the world is trying to wreck of the "sleeping beauty", and it seems that our control, there are several things we can do to help: Outside noise - the window or use connectors ear. Heat - temperatures regularly for you is a must for a good night's sleep Poor air quality - try it with a damp air or a fan Interruptions - Close the door, turn off your phone, if necessary, make sure your laptop on silent mode. The light of day - Wear eye thick carpet or use blinds to block the light About the mind active - Listen, some chill-out music or try an aromatherapy bath. More fun - not to eat too late in the day and drink plenty of fresh water. Sleep can increase the loss of hunger and the effects on your body metabolism, which may make it more difficult to gain or lose weight. People who lose their hunger continues to sleep in May despite food, because their loss of sleep showed that the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that appetite rule.

* Top 5 Influences in my lifea
a. My Father -- He taught me the basic extinct of survival.
b. My Mother -- She taught me how to be soft on hard issues of life.
c. My Grandfather -- The courtesy of being a good man has been instilled by him in my life.
d. My Grandmother -- Not all the time that my mother was on my side. When those time comes, my grandma was always there.
e. My Best Friend -- There were issues in my life that I cant brought up in my top-4 answers. My best buddy completes my being. He supplies the part that was not being supplied the the other 4.

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