Monday, November 3, 2008

The top 5 places to have fun in manila are first Luneta, Manila Zoo, Wild-Life, Airport, and most of all the different malls i choose this places because their is common scene that you can see in all this places. What is it? Of course, in this places you can see the different types of family. How happy they are inspite of the bad things happens around. I feel the peacefulness in them and i find hope for our future in every smile of a happy child with their parents.

I keep myself fit and healthy by leaving simple life, eating simple foods, have enough sleep, some exercise and most of all by having content in all i have and all things that will happen to me, i praise my God. I thank God for all the peace and love that he gave to me.

The top 5 influences me are first God, the second is my parents, my mother and my father, my siblings, my brother and sister, my brethren in church, and the people that i met. They give me the reason to be strong and live the purpose of my life.

My love story is by loving the one that never return my love

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