Monday, November 3, 2008

Top 5 places to have fun in Manila. Explain your answers.

top 5. the manila zoo. yes i know it's crowded with all the animals and stuff but you have to consider the it bring out the kid in everyone of us and still the keeper of the zoo always have somthing new that would definitely be fun for the whole gang. so it's still cool with the boating and the water sprinkler for the kids and the romantic ambiance with the birds, I know it's will be in my list.
top 4. Fort Santiago with the old museum and the history of the Filipino people we view the value and the wonderful site of the place. the old wall was spectacular and maybe you'll feel weird because most of our ancestor were tortured and killed there but the spooky place will always give thrilled and chill that is very fun to remeber.
top 3. the Intramuros, well going the this place is fun especially when you see the museums, the antique shop, there also lies the different cafes that are fun to hang out with and that was really cool so much to see and explore also the food there was great many varieties.
top 2. the chinatown, great food and best buy. from that you already know what i mean.

top 1. the Sunset view of the Manila Bay was just breath-taking and really romantic althought we cannot have the band and parties but still it's a must to come there and see it althought after that you can just go the the next door luneta park.

Top 5 influences in your life. Explain why?

there are no oder that people that are close to me :father, mother, sisters and friends and God. influence me with their strong will and positive trait that make me who I really want to in my life. these people been with me thru the difficult time of my life and i have shared my dreams with them.

Top 5 Fashion Must Haves. Explain Why?

top 5. Compact Mirror, every fashionista must be able to tell they look best with what are their wearing

top 4. Shawl, these are totally in and it look good on youngster and wannabe, it comes with diferent styles and color and fun to have it.

top 3. the high steleto Boost. the sexy and very appealing boost are never out of style

top 2. a good color of lipstick that will always be handy when you need an emergency make-up and be ready like that.
top 1. A perfect set of jeans. admit it or not jeans will always look hot and trendy among others.

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