Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 5 places to have fun in Manila. Explain your answers.
A little dose of art makes wonders when you're exposed to the hectic daily cycle of life. As their tagline goes "Would it be better if you had Art in your life?"

Being the 3rd largest mall in the world, it's impossible not to find something fun and interesting to do here.

Fully Booked at BF Highstreet
I haven't been inside, but I bet that a building full of books will satisfy my love of reading.

Aside from the different kinds of people, what's interesting in Quiapo is the co-existence of commerce and religion.

Pets, antiques, food and so much more. It's like Greenhills with less people and more air to breathe.

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
I go to the gym. As for being healthy, I believe that having less stress and complications in your life can lead to self-wellness. That is why I rationalize problems and try to have an optimistic view on things.

Top 5 influences in your life. Explain why?
Everyone needs motherly guidance. Need I say more?

Jose Rizal
The Renaissance man of the Philippines. I believe that his life, not only his is image and likeness (as seen in numerous statues across the country) should be emulated by many for our country to prosper.

Barack Obama
No one can top this man as a true embodiment of change. He possesses the one quality that our world needs now--sincerity.

My boyfriend
Aside from love, he has thought me many things that I have never learned in any other person.

Tim Burton
His ability to transform distorted and taboo ideas into interesting subjects reflect my views on pretension. That is to examine thoroughly first, before branding something as such.

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