Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Top Five Places to have Fun in Manila
Manila, the "Philippine Cosmopolitan Capital", is a blend of regional cultures and flavors. From shopping malls to high class sea ports, Manila got it all. The following are the top five places to have fun in Manila:
1. Intramuros. The walled city is located right in the heart of Manila. The site is a timeless journey through forts and dungeons, old churches, colonial houses, and horse-drawn carriages. Ride the "calesa" while eating Sampaguita ice cream and cap the end of your visit by dining in Cafe Illustrado.
2. Chinatown. This famous district is the best place for buying almost everything at very affordable prices. Of course, it is home to the best Chinese delis. Buy tikoy and hopia in Eng Bee Tin, visit Binondo Church, and shop at the famous 168 Mall.
3. Mall of Asia. MOA is currently the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the third in the world (in terms of gross floor area). Truly, "We got it all for you!" is an understatement.
4. Luneta Park. Rizal Park or Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. Take a picture with Dr. Jose Rizal's monument and the stoic guards guarding it.
5. National Museum. The museum is a vast array of historic and cultural artifacts. See Juan Luna"s "Spolarium" and the museum's most renowned collection "San Diego".

Top Five Places Where to Bring Your Date (If Money is an Object)
Filipinos are undoubtedly suckers for romance. Since money is an object I decided to confine my search for the most romantic places to bring your date in the Philippines. Trust however that quality wasn't sacrificed. Whether you've visited these spots, you plan to go, or you're just an incorrigible dreamer, they're certain to get you in the mood for love.
1. Cape Engano, Babuyan Channel. The place is isolated and it has a "Wuthering Heights" setting. Who could forget about the all-encompassing and passionate love between Heathcliff and Catherine?
2. Flower Island, Palawan. A small unspoiled, private island surrounded by clear blue waters and white sand. You can spoil yourself with the resort's amenities and still feel close to the wilderness a la Emmeline and Richard (Blue Lagoon) ---a very natural love indeed.
3. Baluarte San Diego Wall, Intramuros. Overlooking the golf links, the Manila Hotel, and the trees of Luneta Park, this is said to be the most romantic place in Manila. Bring your own bottle of wine or soda---whatever is your poison.
4. Mt. Maculot Rockies, Cuenca, Batangas. Climbing the mountain and watching the sunrise can be a big romantic high. Cap it off with a toast to your years of love and devotion.
5. Bee Farm, Bohol. It offers good accommodations and a great place to have a romantic dinner for two. Guaranteed you'll be as sweet as honey.

How Do You Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy
"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." -Arabian Proverb
1. Move More
I engage in sports whenever I can. When I cannot, I try to move more as much as possible. When only climbing two to three floors, I climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. We all know climbing four or more floors is suicide. I also do some household chores and do my own errands. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster.
2. Don't smoke
Smoking kills. Enough said.
3. Reduce stress and have a happy outlook
I make it a point to pamper myself whenever I'm having a bad time. I also make time to bond with the people I love, read a good book, travel, listen to music that I like, and watch funny movies. I call this the "me-time". Selfish-sounding but how can I be a person for others when I don't feel good about myself? Also, I avoid difficult people. They do nothing but pull you with them into senseless negativity.
4. Balanced diet and the water rule
I make it a point to drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet. They are the natural anti-aging secret plus enough sleep, of course.
5. Stay informed
I stay informed on the current health findings and seek professional help when needed.

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