Monday, November 10, 2008

With Obama winning the Presidency and by being the first African American president in the history of America, I believe that a new world-friendly a policy and system is in the making once Obama officially takes seat within the American government. Though, Obama may have a hard time dealing with the financial crisis and while it may take time, his economic policies of eliminating taxes and restoring social safety net is great economic strategy that will be a strong driving force to boost the failing world economy. Aside from this, Obama's diplomacy with the other countries is a good sign to ensure that global terrorism would be stop and further bring back to the unity and trust between all nations.

The financial crisis has already affected the Third World countries, more than the First World, bringing forth a lot of changes to our society. To name a few of these changes: the financial crisis has brought credit crisis leading to the bankruptcy of many commercial and investment banks; many companies are slowly sliding to bankruptcy, forcing them to remove many of their employees, leading to an increased of unemployment; and with no way to support themselves, people will be forced into crime, increase criminal activity substantially as they try to save themselves and their family. Eventually, these changes will bring forth angry, yet desperate, people who will be trying their best to save themselves and their family with any way they can, legally or illegally.

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