Monday, November 3, 2008

Youth as a Hope

essay : Jose Rizal is the Filipinos national hero, and thus, had a major influences on the ideals of the Filipinos. Rizal had a great beliefs on the youth as what his famous saying says, "The youth is the hope of our fatherland."

The youth, the hope of our fatherland, the Philippines. The youth are the recipient of the latest discoveries, who uses the latest technologies, and with their physical and social capabilities and abilities, they can able to make use the most of it.

The youth today will be the one who will be the leader and elder in the future. They will be the one who will replace the teachers, engineers, doctors, potiticians, advisers, etc. of tomorrow. They will later on have their own family, become a mother and a father of their children which as told in the constitution, the basic unit of the society. They will be the one who will initially mold the children and gives direction on the life of their children. These children are also the individuals who are also members of the society. These individuals will be whom the next generation will look up to in the future.

As what have Sigmund Freud had said in his theory, "A child is a father to a man." What an individual underwent during his past will determine or had an effect on who he/she is right now and will be on the future. The kind of orientation of an individual has taken and experienced from the members of the society to the other existing institutions has an impact on his/her life and on how he perceived and views the society as a whole. And thus, it will affect on how he/she will react on the situations.

The youth as the hope. The youth of today will be the leader of tomorow. The kind of teachings and experiences that we are giving them right now will affect them in a way or another on how they will confront their future.

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