Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Youth Today, Ready to any Needed Change

essay : Youth are increasingly concerned about both communities of interest or purpose and their own geographical communities. They have ideas, skills, and energy to contribute, and tremendous capacity to learn, to serve, and to lead.

They are ready to accept more responsibility at younger ages, and are prepared to challenge the status quo and initiate change where they feel it is due. The youth today is the generation to have grown up with the Internet, and they are using it to connect with
others throughout the world, for both social and social change purposes.

The ease with which they adapt to technology, think globally, and adapt to change is the very basic foundation of success in a rapidly changing and globalized world. Further, young people are already experiencing much change in our lives as we move towards adulthood, and increasingly, it is being observed that precisely because they are in times of personal transition, young people are better equipped than other generational cohorts to embrace the needed change.

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