Saturday, February 21, 2009

1. President Barack Obama affects the world in some many ways,like being the first african-american president it is not easy to become president of USA specially when there is a racial discrimanation and being a minority and yet Obama uplift himself to become the best and the first african president of the USA.We all know that |America is a democratic country and there is democracy that they being invoking in the world but still history tells that there is unfair practice and slavery the word democracy is only a illusion.President Obama is a symbol that American people accept other race to be there president and it only show that most American people especially the white american they recognize the rights of the other races. Obama is a symbol of hope that there is no impossible in this world,that through his government he can protect and save the economy of America into the crisis. President Obama affect the world in terms of the Foreign policy specially he is not favor that the America is engaging into the war,because he knew that many lives and property that was destroy bacause of the wrong policy of the past administration. The presidency of Obama may also affect the world by means of the implementation of his program to save the economy of America and some of this policy may affect not only our countries but also those developed countries that was also affected by the global finacial crisis.

2. This finacial crisis affect the third world countries in terms of Economy and services,for example the product that we export like furniture and car accesories because of the crisis many countries specially those developed countries like USA and Europe they stop exporting our product because most of the citizen of that country think that it is useless to buy those thing when there is no money to buy for.Some Countries whether rich or poor there is job lay out that most company affected by this global finacial crisis,most of this company was force to file bankruptcy and close there company. The services or those OFWA was mostly affected by this finacial crisis they were force to quit there job because the company that they were working was affected by this crisis. The third world country like Philippines as one of the leading partners of US government were affected by this global finacial crisis because they depend on the economy and most of the business transaction and exportation of the product was dependent in US economy. Since the third world countries was poor and undeveloped nations and they expect to be affected by this crisis,the services and products might be not good and the price was high.It is expected that poor people in this third world countries may still poor or worse die of hunger,there is no job and price of the product was high and there is food shortage.

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