Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. President Barack H. Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States and being the sole African-American to ever hold the highest public office position. His ideals and aspirations not just for his country but the entire globe promted people to believe that change need not be clamored so much as somebody like him, who is also a victim of stigma in his own nation is capable of so. The president leading the trasparency on how the national budget is being spent let people to believe that the government is not an impenetratable institution ruled by the most corrupt in the country. By President Obama pushing through on peace and equality for those who still believe in democracy and an iron fist for sectors who still succumb to terrorism and retaliation, he indeed is taking of a real of respect and reputation.

2. A backwater country like the Philippines felt the effects brought about by the financial crisis to first world countries more than the suspected magnitude. Almost all sectors are effected giving a domino effect. First, a lot of multinational companies was forced to close down resulting to a lot of people losing their jobs. These people who are breadwinners of their families can no longer perform their roles because they just added themselves to the piled list of the unemployed. Second, third world countries like the Philippines are filled with talented individuals who would opt to do domesticated jobs in other countries just so they could earn more to be able to provide the basic needs of their families and to send their children to school. Since food on the table is more important,people would stop going to school resulting in a boomed illiteracy rate. Lastly, prices of basic commodities needed for survival such as food and water skyrocketted resulting in a mass wide malnutrition.

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