Saturday, May 30, 2009

1. Since President Obama was the leader of the most powerful country in the world which was the U. S. A., every decision coming from him will be a major catalyst not only for the Americans but the world as well. His presidency seems to be crucial considering the global recession that was felt nowadays.
His advocacy on change was a very powerful message for the people, this can affect the people minds in motivating themselves that there is hope and there is a leader that can fight the waves of struggle.
Yet, Obama was a sole person, though his decisions can move mountains, still every one of us can be a catalyst. We maybe just a face in a crowd, but do we have to be only just like that? We should stand and make a difference, change was not on the hands of a single person.

2. Third World countries mostly depends on the fortune of those stable countries. These First World countries were a source of investment for those at the third world countries. Mostly their economy relies to the foreign investors. But when recession takes place to those at the First World countries, apparently, a domino effect will emerge. And as a result, the economy of those countries that was just relying on the prosperity of other countries will indeed fall.

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