Sunday, May 31, 2009

1. I think president Obama is quite good than the previous presidents. I just have this Fear because we all know United States is a powerful country in the world, and He is the first black president in the history. he can over ruled or do things that quite abusive, it maybe a strong words of judgment, but you cant blame me, He have this ambition, this eagerness but this just my opinion, no proof at all. his democracy, his popularity can lead to other country to do the same, he handled some issues that might other countries imitate. like issues of national debt, health care reform, credit card reform, banking regulations, tax loopholes, human rights abuses, war veteran care, Middle East peace, and many more.

2. As for me, living in a Third World Country, we are much more affected in what we so called Global crisis.
When the economy of the First world Countries begun to fall down, Our financial status starts to suffer a lot. Due to some investors,which their businesses starts to collapse and of course the recession. not just in our country but also in our neighbor countries.

We maybe in denial sometimes that we can cope up in this situation but we all know, that the first world countries has bigger part in our industries. They shared a lot to maintain our idealistic goal for our own countries. we used them, they used us. There are some strategics plans from the government to handle this financial crisis, job fairs, livelihood programs, but we all know its not that enough because in one person who immediately deployed, 10 person are being lay off. We have to accept that the turn down of the first world countries is doubled fall for us.

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