Tuesday, May 26, 2009


>From the color of his skin up to every word he utters, President Obama already redefined the frequently used word by every leader that stands on the podium: "CHANGE". It was the very first time that the land of the free had a black president and that sets the rule: no one is incapable of leading a nation. There are various ways by which he could affect the world because of the following reasons: first, he continues to inspire. Second, he is man of actions. Third, he is man enough to take the challenge. I wonder not why he is idolized by the youth. By his thoughts, words, and actions, he stands as a prime mover to save every nation from the global crises, that one could contribute to his/her own CHANGE. But I believe that the "CHANGE" he wants to happen is extended to everyone, thus becomes a "CHALLENGE".

The recession has grave effects on the lives of the people belonging to the third-world countries. For once, it played a major role with the labor and employment of the overseas contract workers and its hopefuls. As an educator, I can clearly observe how the recession flagellates the workers. It has been labeled as a sadist because it mercilessly seems to take out a stable job for a worker who ventured overseas just to feed his/her family. Teachers who were then employed in the US are going back to the motherland because of closed schools. Domestic helpers are forced to return because of employers being dismissed from their own companies. Other applicants even considered the invitation from the middle-east despite of its threat. To contextualize it, few call center companies have even closed when formerly it seems to have limitless availability. This brought us limited options and unemployment rates higher.

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