Sunday, May 31, 2009

In what ways will the Obama presidency affect the world?

The United States of America plays a dominant role in international politics. With the multi-racial connection of President Obama, windows are open for a better international relationship. Opportunities in the U.S. became more attractive to other non-American immigrants. Furthermore, other countries have confidence that they could get a good negotiation on any international agreements because of the belief, that Obama's administration would be more emphatic to show the world that Obama's presidency can positively affect the world.

In what ways has the financial crisis in the First World affected the countries in the Third World?

Financial crisis in the First World has affected the Third World countries. Recently, continuous rising of oil prices has been experienced especially in the Philippines. Overseas contract workers have been deployed by employers. Philippine remittances become weak and the economy as a whole is struggling. Though, viewed optimistically, Philippines somehow benefited from it. Business process outsourcing is sprouting. Hence, Third World countries, in general, badly affected but not for the Philippines.

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