Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Obama presidency will surely affect the entire world. The United States, being a superpower nation, has the greatest influence over the other countries. Almost any activity within the country has a direct or indirect effect to the rest of the world. Admit it or not, most countries are dependent to the United States for some of their crucial decisions. It's political and economic systems are the determinants of the international community. How these systems willl be managed will determine the movement of the rest of the world.
With a new administration in power, everyone's expecting for some change. In this system of interdependence, anything that happens in a single portion has an effect to it's entirety. What more with the dominant portion of that system? An event in the United States will affect the entire globe. Most countries are looking up to United States as their model. They make decisions depending on how the US will deal with matters of the same subject. Oftentimes, they consult with a representative of the superpower country before initiating a move. This shows how influential the United States is.
And so, Barrack Obama is the most powerful political figure in the world at present. As the captain of the world's largest ship, how he steers the wheel will determine the direction of all the other smaller vessels. The crew will always look up to their captain, no matter what.

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