Sunday, May 24, 2009

President Obama affect the world by his intellectual wits and strong determination to change. And this change could brought up peace and prosperity to all. the world needs peace, each individual in this world were not only suffered in hunger but also seeking for peace, which is the major priority of Obama in his recent legacy. Obama change the perception of people toward society, that it does not need war to be able to have courage but peace could be brought up through a peaceful means of integrity.

The third world anticipated the ways of their living to the first world as well as their economic stability and govenment security. so if the first world was failed with their economic assurance, the third world will also tend to collapse either. Too much independence could brought burden to the people because they could not faced the recent problem of the country, they did not know how to solve its own problem until the first world done its own step in solving its own nations problem the global financial problem.

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