Sunday, May 24, 2009

President Obama Transforms the World

Before Barack Obama made it to the top, who would have think that America would be under that presidency of the man who was born in one of the third world countries? The presidency of Barack Obama gives light to the racial discrimination issue of the world. The success of US Pres Barack Obama made the people recognized one significant principle of rights and humanity ~ the non discrimination and inclusion principle.

The history made by US Pres. Obama gives hope and motivation to the people around the world because he proves that people from the so-called black race have the capability and power to rule the world. He taught the people around the world to believe that skills, capabilities and knowledge are over any racial issue. No matter what race you are, no matter where you came from, we have the capability to change our lives and even change the world.

Financial Crisis in Domino Effect

Have you ever tastes an imported chocolate from a local grocery store or from your aunt who is based in the Texas or in Unite Kingdom? Countries across the world are related in many ways. The heroes of today are the Filipino who sacrifices to be apart from the family to earn a better living. Romantic relationships of people from totally different countries also exist. Children with multiple nationalities are also noticeable in the society. We can no more deny that the world in interrelated.

There is no way for us to think that the financial crisis in the first world states would not affect the third world countries. Third world countries earn from the business investment from top nations. Tourism is also a way for third world countries to get dollars and to make their breath taking islands discovered all over the world. Overseas workers from different third world countries also rely to the job offered by mush advance nations.

Financial crisis in the first world countries means pulling out business investments and decreasing numbers of tourists. These also mean no job for people in the third world countries and delivering third world countries to almost halt. Just like domino, change in one creates similar change over the others.

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