Sunday, May 24, 2009

Q: in what ways will the Obama presidency affect the world?
A: Being the president of the world's most powerful country, Obama's presidency plays a vital role to the world especially to some countries that need its aid. Whatever decisions he is up to make is of utmost importance.The economic stability of the United States whether it increases or decreases posses a great risks to US dependent countries.The success of his term will not only ameliorate the financial crisis that is faced by the world today but also boosts the spirit of hope. Today, president Obama has become the number one person to whom every people in different countries looked up to. He has become an enigma of hope in this time of great financial crisis. Obama's presidency is an edifice of strength and a symbol of equality for the people who fought against racial discrimination. If president Obama fails in his endeavor he also fails the world. If he succeed, the world also succeeds.

Q: In what ways has the financial crisis in the First World affected the countries in the Third World.
A: The third World countries like Philippines are dependent to the First World in terms of some economic aid. If countries belonging to the Third World experiences great financial crisis then, it can paralyze all the aids that countries from third world benefits. A specific examples of that are the food, medical, technological, and financial aid that Philippines receives from United States. Although Philippines is not entirely dependent to U.S., we cannot deny the fact that we benefit from them. Other countries from the first world also provides working opportunities for the third world. Thus, they help uplift the economical stability of our country.

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