Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1.) The Lost Princesses 2.) Angelina's Touch, An Angel in Hell

essay :
1.) The Lost Princesses

We are in a fairy tale world, a world that fame and fortune is the ultimate dream of all. We see girls shine and make their way into stardom. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus to name a few. It is a girl's ultimate dream, to become a princess of the television.

Unfortunately, many of this famous girls were drown by their princess like lifesytle that they engaged themselves in drugs and alcohol abuse. The Snowhites and Cinderellas of the pop industry? The model of the future generation?

In all aspects, many devoted fans even try to copy the negative lifestyle of the pop princesses. The world loves to see negative news about them, drunk driving, divorce, drunk brawl etc. will be a pleasure to the ears of their fans.

The youth will continue to copy such acts because in this brave new world being bad is a cool stuff.

I dont know, but the world is a hypocrite. He tries to embed morality and kindness but he idolize negative acts of the stars in television. What will the future be? Snowhite and the seven husbands? or The Drunken Cinderella?

2.) Angelina's Touch, An Angel in Hell

An angel in the middle of the fires of hell, surrounded by demons, sinners and temptation. Angelina Jolie is exceptional. The Virgin Mary of the Hollywood hell.

I saw her dedication in helping the poor when she adopt a child from a poor country. She is also active in making voluntary works to feed malnourished children that were victims of war and poverty.

I never heard of a negative news about her. She never do drugs and all that.

I agree that she was a role model for us, because despite the temptation in the Hollywood world, she tries to save a life of those children that are financially challenged.

Imagine if all the stars in Hollywood is like her. I guess the second coming will be in a while. (laughs)

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