Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally! A black U.S. presidential candidate won in the recent presidential election. The victory of Barrack Obama proved that everyone in this planet is equal without regard to the color of the skin and of the man's race.

The whole world celebrates not only to the victory of President Barrack Obama but also to the end of the belief of white supremacy in all parts of the world. As a descendant of both America and Africa, President Barrack Obama symbolizes unity.

Many of us expect to see a new economic program of the United States of America in relation to the recession that was brought by the Bush administration. The first black President has to prove many things to us, whether black or white, African or American, we all believe that the Obama regime brings new hope to fight poverty and racial conflict that continiously affecting us since the white man see a slave in a black man.

Now, all of us are equal. The late Abraham Lincoln was correct. Barrack Obama is the proof of that equality.


Watch out! We are expriencing financial crisis. Even the rich countries that belongs to the G-8 are affected.

What more to the third world countries like us? As unemployment and the export industry goes down to the level that the company owners were forced to shut down it's operation. How many Filipino families will become incompetent living in this age of globalization?

We all know that our country needs dollar remittances from the millions of Filipino workers around the globe to support our dollavr reserve, but with this financial crisis many overseas workers were laid off and went back here to look for new job opportunities

As the rich ones suffer, the poor ones dies. It is the truth that everyone of us don't want to hear. It is the effect of financial crisis.

I wonder what fortune lies ahead in the countries in Africa like Uganda, Angola etc. in this time of hardship.

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