Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barrack Obama's rise to power poses a great change to the United States of America as well as its neighboring and allied countries including our own. This radical change has proven that authority does not only lie in the hands of the few. Being the first Afro-American President, his mere presence at the White House has brought hope to millions of people, especially to the youth, whose forefathers were once slaves. As president of the most powerful country today, his influence goes far and wide across the boundaries of all nations. As we all know if the economy of America falls soon thereafter the rest of the world will be affected in more ways than one. And it is because of this that his presidency's first move was to draft a bail out plan to arrest economic recession in the U.S. thus showing that he is ready to make unpopular decisions if it could alleviate the present condition doing it a step at a time.
Most multinational companies that are greatly affected by the global financial crisis have to downsize in order to save what is left of their company, as a result their bases on the third world countries are the ones who are drastically laid off leaving millions of people unemployed thus resulting to a more damaging effect to its merely surviving economy.

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