Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Best Of Both Worlds

essay : Britney, Lindsay, and Miley. They sing, dance, act, and their names rhyme, too. In the world of pop culture, these three girls have their names already etched in super-stardom. But why do they tick?

Simply because the world today, specifically the world of young teen girls and some guys, are so into looks, having fun, and being famous. These three stars all started out as childhood actresses. They best exemplified the great American dream of rising from being nobody's business to the great show business. The great American dream just so happens to be the world's great dream. And when you see girly girls dancing, singing, carrying a tune, or even acting, and trying to live their own dream, it is as if your own dream is also becoming a reality. If Britney, Lindsay, or Miley could do it, why can't I?

Angelina Jolie started out as any typical actress. Doing the daily grind, acting, delivering roles, showing skin, getting an award along the way. Despite this, I could not consider Angelina Jolie as a role model of our time. It may not be hidden to the public that Angelina has adopted kids. This is extremely kind of her. This also shows how caring and loving she could be as a mother. But, to me, this is not enough. Not all celebrities can be called role models given the fact that they do good things. Angelina already has the role model potential. I think that what she needs to do now is to enhance that further so that the public will be able to distinguish her humanitarian acts from humanely-artistic acting skills.

Somehow, the fascination with these stars has something to do with having a role model. But too often than not, our role models too need other role models.

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