Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrities in the Limelight

essay : Everyone, though they may deny it, is interested in the entertainment world. They might not be all hyped out about every celebrity out there but they keep in touch with the bright lights of Hollywood by its so-called train wrecks or possible train wrecks. The world lambasts pop princess Britney Spears for her short marriages, Lindsay Lohan for her partying habits, and tween queen Miley Cyrus for her infamous backless photograph.
The public does not seem concerned at all about these stars. They just want to have someone to talk about. And what is the good of talking about something nice and sweet. The choice parts are the people who are in the public eye everyday - doing something crazy or flashing their body parts.

Who would not want to be Angelina Jolie? An A-list actress, having Brad Pitt as a partner, six beautiful children and acting awards under her belt. But these are not just simply the things that make Jolie a world-famous figure. She is kindhearted, compassionate and has a big heart for the less fortunate.
Sure, she is already showing her eldest son her knife collection, but that does not make her a careless parent, rather it shows us that she is her own person. She is not afraid to adhere to society's norms. I think that uniqueness is what makes Miss Jolie seem larger than life.

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