Thursday, June 4, 2009


essay : 1. Britney.. Miley.. Lindsay.. and other famous personalities in the show business illuminates people with their shimmering stardom. But what is that something that makes them gleam? Is it talent, artistry or image as a personality?
Illuminati is a word that describe the masterminds of the events that changes the world. This personalities seems to be like that. The youth specifically, they idolize those artists, but they sometimes forgot the boundaries between idolatry and worshipping. There are times that even if the lyrics of the song was enunciating trash words, people loves it. Evil sometimes seems to be good.
Indeed, artists the people who entertains us, their talents shall be recognized. But don't forget to rationalize...

2. Angelina Jolie, an actress and ambassadress of Goodwill. Her artistry was never a doubt, her portrayals were outstanding, definitely an icon.
Absolutely she was a role model, her social concern were in fact a type of deed that every celebrity shall imitate. She's always a protaganist even if lenses were out.
Celebrities' influence can be a useful tool in achieving social justice and perhaps changing the deteriorating morale of the wold in achieving sustainable development.

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