Monday, June 1, 2009

In what ways will the Obama presidency affect the world?
The Obama presidency affected first the cultural aspect especially in the America. The competency between the Black Americans and the White Americans is not that prolonged,in terms that the leader of the United States is a Black American. Many speculations turned down when the President Barrack Obama declared himself to unite once again and regain the power of the State. After the cultural degrading, I assume that the next will be the factor on how will the president re-collect the trust of his people now that all parts' of the world is facing a Financial Crisis. The Economic Depression is scattered and the Recession is widely facilitated due to the world-affecting crisis. The president is aware of what is happening and I know that he is formulating proper plans and adjustments to survive this king of crisis. And when he once again emerge in this battle of drought and famine, the people that he is serving for will defenitely took a bow on his righteousness.

In what ways has the financial crisis in the First World affected the countries in the Third World?
The financial crisis affected the emploring capitalists in every part of the country. They are the first affected persons because, the most common tool that they use in their business talk is their money. Many economists foretold that the recession will soon promulgated if the people in a one specific country didn't take proper pre-cautions or not that knowledgable in the good ways of spending. I suggest that the Philippines, the place where I live, should be not that in the state of doubts because the agriculture is one of the basic work of a layman and must not be neglected. Instead, the people should turn this kind of work as a surviving technique. I believe that in every crisis, there is another word that defeinitely occurs and that is the opportunity. We should take this opportunity to solve a crisis and not to have arguments which is apparently not the true solution.

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