Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In what ways will the Obama presidency affect the world?

Amidst the air of pessimism engulfing the whole world, one man proved that nothing is impossible. Barrack Obama is a man whose race and rights have been trampled upon because of the color of their skin. Many years ago, natives from Africa were imported to America to serve as slaves. Years after, though the Blacks have already been granted equal rights, no one would have thought that a Black man would be given the chance to lead the most powerful country in the world.
Obama's triumph signals the birth of a new era when people are more open for changes that could result to a better life. And because one man accomplished a nearly impossible task, this event planted seeds of hope, not only in the hearts of his countrymen but in everyone's heart, that everything is possible if people unite and believe in what they want to achieve.

In what ways has the financial crisis in the First World affected the countries in the Third World?

First world countries start trends in various fields- music, fashion, movies and literature- and countries in the third world follow the trends. Not only do the countries in the third world look up to the first world countries because of the fields stated above but they also depend on first world countries financially. Poor third world countries get poorer as a result of the financial crisis in first world countries. Some companies in first world countries cut costs resulting to the laying off of employees and some of those employees are workers from third world countries, and those workers are forced to go home to their countries and add to their countries' unemployment rate.

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