Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starlight...Starbright... Stardom...

essay : 1.Mostly, teenagers, preppy's idolized this girls,because of their popularity and talent. This new image girl, Miley Cyrus has the guts to be idolized because of her acting career, and she can sing too. It has no doubt that everyone loves her. She just have to take care of this image because mostly of her fans is the young ones.
Britney and Lindsay has been in the industry for so long now, I have no doubt when it comes to their acting career. They prove so many things for them to be idolized. though, it just happen that they got a bad reputation for using drugs, alcohols, Britney got divorce and many facts from the Hollywood news. they maybe a bad example or might influence others, because we all know that nowadays teens imitates what they idol do, because they are famous and if they do the same thing, they'll be cool...But i believe they should be given this second chance because everyone does a mistake. they're just a victim of popularity. and i know, they learn from their own mistakes.that they should put the word famous in their heart to touch other's life, not in their head.

2. I agree, Angelina Jolie is a good role model in our time. Aside from being a popular Hollywood star, she is also the global united nation Ambassadress. she has a good heart that very rare nowadays for a famous actress like her. She's a good role model not just in our time but also for the next generation. She believes in equality and fair judgment of the nation, what ever your race maybe, you deserved to be treated nice and fair.
She makes us believe that we can make the world a better place, she's been an inspiration for children, teenagers, adults who had lost their hopes for many years... she have this good heart not just in front of camera's and lights but also behind those curtains that we see in a movie show.

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