Saturday, June 13, 2009

their mask of personality

essay :

Being a Celebrity instantly gives artists that chance to become a role model. Some people works hard to get that chance, trying to be the perfect embodiment of what a role model should be, but to some it just turns out naturally. They just have that driving force to help people whether in front or behind lenses. The likes of Oprah and Angelina Jolie serve as perfect examples of that. Yet some celebrities just are mere puppets, who puts on the mask of helpfulness and when no one else is looking, they just shake off the dust and take out their masks.

Britney, Lindsay and Miley, what do these girls all have in common? Maybe its where they all started. They have gone a long way from where we first came to know them, the good girls next door with there teeny-boppy moments almost every kid can relate to. Then all of a sudden. Wham!The girls who we thought coould be role models for the youth, fighting for what is right and true, doesn't have any vices (well, maybe just a few), saving their honor and dignity till the very end, loves their family above all, the true friend you can rely on, have now gone wild, they turned themselves into the cocky villain girls of their own real time movies. they used to be the celebrities which we look up to, wait for their next moves for a good cause , dress like them, buy their endorsed proucts. Well maybe its just that we grew up with them and then just seeing them turn into this whole other persona which keeps us on the hook as to whats next in their topsy turvy world. it may also be perhaps that the people can now see that the once oh-so-perfect maidens can also be very well just like us, ordinary people who just want to have fun.

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