Monday, June 1, 2009

The victory of Barack Obama in the United States' Presidency Election was a big victory as well for the people around the world. His plan of action is critical and progressive. He addressed basic yet important issues, took a stand for the welfare of his countrymen and continues to be an example of excellent leadership throughout the world. His policy on progressive taxation eases the burden of middle-class Americans. He also puts big priority on education - making sure that children can go to schools and have quality education. In addition, he also plans to end the war in Iraq, without compromising his stance against terrorism.
This is what other countries should do too. They must think of their fellowmen and start legislating bills for the betterment of their country, not just for their pockets.
President Obama is a beacon for change and an inspiration not just to Americans, but to leaders and to the people they serve.

Unemployment, underemployment, mass lay-offs, bankruptcy of companies - these have been plaguing the headlines for quite some time now, not just in third-world countries, but even in nations considered as superpowers.
The fiscal crisis was a big blow to everyone, and even if semi-industrial and agricultural countries do not have big corporations closing down, people are still experiencing it through the increase of prices in basic commodities, the worsening state of poverty and so on. Multinational companies who have offices here are also informing their employees that if the financial crisis do not end soon, they have no choice but to stop their operations.
Food to be brought to dinner tables and children to be sent to school are temporarily put on hold. So yes, this world crisis lessens the profit for businesses all over the world, but more than that, it also renders the people jobless and penniless, making it a bigger effort to stay afloat in these troubled times.

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